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National Car Testing Service

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ISO 17020 accredited for the conduct of the NCT

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What is examined
in the NCT

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Preparing for
your NCT

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How do I know…

There is currently heavy demand for NCT appointments on-line. If the only dates available fall beyond the expiry of your current NCT, please contact our booking helpdesk on 01 4135992.

There is no advantage in delaying your NCT:

Based on your test due date, NCTS can issue your certificate up to 90 days early

Vehicle owners who wish to present their vehicle for inspection earlier than 90 days before their NCT due date will now be allowed to do so.

Where this happens the vehicle will receive a 2 year (or 1 year for 10 year old and older vehicles) certificate duration from the date it passes the test.

You can see when your vehicle is due for its NCT by clicking here

To use our online facility simply type in your car registration number + Booking I.D (which can be found at the top of your NCT Booking letter) or date of first registration of the vehicle (which can be found on your vehicle registration book, registration certificate or licensing certificate.

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